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Our "Church on Fire" website continues to grow.  This past year. . .

  • we exceeded a thousand registered members,
  • we increased our researched pages by 135,
  • we posted 230 blogs,
  • we supported the efforts of LGBTQ Catholics and their pastors by distributing 45 books.
  • we created a new website devoted to the importance of this issue =
  • we expanded our website supporting Pope Francis =

The words of apology of Cardinal Nichols are a good first step but NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!

  • The apology needs to include the way that almost all bishops and priests stood mute and were complicit with Cardinal Ratzinger in ramrodding his untested, misguided, and disordered thoughts on homosexuality down the throats of the entire hierarchy.
  • The apology must also include the way that Dignity and other LGBT organizations were blackballed and excluded from meeting on church-owned property.
  • A sincere apology must further include steps for lifting the censures that were imposed upon priests and nuns who supported the quest for a proper LGBT spirituality that went outside of the rigid boundaries set by Ratzinger’s disordered thoughts. . . .

I am seething with anger as I write the finishing lines of my latest book: “What Jesus Would Say to Same-Sex Couples.”  No more playing “Mr. Nice Guy.”  The harm done to LGBTQ Catholics and those who support them is beyond measure. 

I acknowledge my own shame in keeping silence for twenty-five years while training future priests and lay-ministers. Privately I heard the pain and felt the tears of homosexuals, but in the seminary classroom a cold fear crept over me. I made small safe steps, but I failed Jesus by never creating the open dialogue that might have exposed how the “official church” inadvertently fostered “hate speech and hate deeds” against those very persons whom I, in the name of God’s love, felt bound to cherish and protect. No one is safe until “All our Children” are publically free to embrace the God who made them in the first place.

At the moment, I urgently need a donation of $300 to send discounted copies of my books to three ordained priests/ministers who regularly encounter Catholics and former-Catholics who suffer immensely due to the toxic effects of Ratzinger's doctrine of homosexuality. Thousands of LGBTQ Catholics have been bullied by their own parents and pastors who were persuaded by the Vatican that same-sex couples were automatically condemned as living shameful lives that destined them to hellfire in the world to come. 

Any donation of $20 or more merits a PDF copy of my prophetic book. 

Respectfully in Christ,
Dr. Aaron Milavec


Book reviews

REVIEW by Rev. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
Director, Center for Action and Contemplation 

I’m not a moral theologian, but that does not prevent me from admiring the easy-to-read stories and analysis in Milavec’s book.  I come away inspired.  Milavec demonstrates step-by-step how he learned to welcome same-sex couples into his parish family following in the footsteps of Jesus.  I recommend this path to everyone.

REVIEW by Dr. Joseph J. Martos 

Milavec combines personal experience with academic scholarship to present a convincing case that same-sex relationships can be healthy and wholesome for individuals, their families and society. . . .  Especially revealing are the parallels he draws between Christian dogmatists, Muslim fundamentalists such as the Taliban, and the Pharisees described in the gospels.

REVIEW by Daniel C. Maquire, S.T.D.
Prof. of Moral Theology, Marquette University (Milwaukee) 

This book is an honest, THOROUGHLY CATHOLIC look at the beauty and legitimacy of same-sex love and marriage.

REVIEW by Barbara J. Aguilar, L.P.N.
Nurse, mother of two missionaries, guardian of abused dogs 

I already knew my feelings on the LGBT issue, but after reading Dr. Milavec’s book, my eyes and heart were opened even wider. . . . Great job, Aaron, God bless you and thank you for standing up for what you know is right.

REVIEW by Mary E. Hunt, Ph.D.
Co-director, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) 

The world needs all the queer-positive information it can get. This volume by a Catholic theologian adds personal stories, cases of unjust treatment, insights into sexual behavior, all of which are lacking in church teachings on LGBTIQIA lives.   Read it for insight and inspiration.

REVIEW by Rev. Tony Flannery, C.S.S.R.
Co-founder of the [Irish] Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) 

This book is very timely.  While the hierarchy uses words like “welcome” and “accompaniment” in relation to LGBT people, our bishops still do incalculable harm by failing to openly challenge the offensive language and the imposition of celibacy that comes with Cardinal Ratzinger’s doctrine of homosexuality.  Until the hierarchy sets their own house in order, their official teaching will inevitably be received as meaningless and empty.  Milavec expertly shows pastors and parents what needs to be done in all of these areas.

You will get a PDF (5MB) file

The Secret of my Virginity [Craft Prize Edition]


SEVEN ERRORS OF OUR CATHOLIC BISHOPS: Why our Bishops Lost their Bearings after Vatican II and How our Church Can Get Back on Track with Your Help and the Help of Pope Francis


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