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Foundation of Psychology as a Scientific Discipline 5th Edition Ebook

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Foundation of Psychology as a Scientific Discipline 5th ed.

              It seems as if many or most of social science and behavioral science students and even researchers in any case seem to be partial to general psychology. Most of us consist of a psychology background, making understanding of the study of human behavior and the mind more simple. Our weapon in better understanding psychology is the computer, permitting us to circumvent the difficulty of any lack of understanding. The downside of the computer is we can make an idiot of ourselves should we not demonstrate an adequate understanding. Despite this, the computer can be a tool of utility within the psychology chest.

              The aim of my book was to create an excellent balance of practice and theory. The goal was to make of utility the computer as a teaching implement for psychological concepts in the hope you can establish a greater knowledge of both practice and theory. Many books, it seems attempt to establish an impression of the right and wrong way of viewing psychology. Although recommendations, which are within the limits of the senseless destruction of rain forests, the hope is to provide you ample background in the theoretical concept of psychology, permitting you to create personal decisions about how to best view the domain.

A second aim of the book, although perhaps somewhat overambitious, was to create the only psychology book you’ll ever need. The book is very much no nonsense like me, with the first three chapters covering self-psychology, social psychology, and biological psychology. This is followed by chapters on motivation and some historical figures within the domain. The next three chapters discuss mathematical computation in addition to the human brain and nutrition. Chapters 9, 10, and 11 discuss operant and classical conditioning along with aspects of race and three case studies involving Terri Schiavo, Edward O’Brien, and Phineas Gage. Chapter 12 and 13 cover relationships and stress with 14 and 15 discussing learning and memory along with dreams. The book closes out with the final three chapters involving sexuality with the final two chapters involving physiological disorders and mental illness. Within each chapter should be something for everyone.

The most important and final aim was making the process of learning fun, despite the content being of mostly serious subject matter. To be honest, it is difficult to credit my academic ability to others such as family. This being a testimony of me being as far as I know the first college graduate, at least for a while. I guess I should thank teachers along the way if anyone. My book is not an attempt of undermining the seriousness of science as you will notice on gazing through some of the content. Perhaps I could have added a joke or a humorous picture here or there, yet in light of some of the subject matter, the decision is to remain more focused on the subject matter and less on showcasing the author’s personality.

I am sure previous editions of this book to not meet the aim. This is the book initiating my collection of literature, yet the latest in which I took the personal time to reach the aim of the book. There are no threats of me ruining the hard work of my previous editions with the creation of this final version, hopefully final version. The previous versions, I promise are subpar to my standards and aim of the book.


              The first compilation of this book was a result of two years of my research in creation of an enjoyable psychology book. This newest edition is much more than a superficial change yet attempts at improving everything. The fifth edition in all is a culmination of perhaps six years of full-time effort. It is perhaps this book to be the most useful thing I have ever done with my life, well maybe not the most useful. This book begins and seems to continue as a labor of love. It is perhaps my book to not be perfect, but you represent the people who matter most and as such I would love to receive feedback whether good or bad.
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