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He Said, She Said

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Studs Terkel’s non-fiction book ‘Working’ (1974) featured an amazing 100 interviews with ‘everyone from gravediggers to studio heads’ talking about their experiences on the job. 

As usual, Terkel utilized his exceptional talents as a world-renowned oral-historian to capture the most intimate details about their ‘daily grind.’

My book, ‘He Said, She Said’ is a (somewhat accidental) fictional, character-driven version of  ‘Working.’

Here you will meet the burlesque dancer in New Orleans, the young woman in the American South fearful of religious commitment, and young adults looking for love in all the wrong places at a speed dating session at the local high school. 

And many other souls, both lost and found, brought together in a collection of engaging and humorous tales of faith, love, life, and sometimes, even redemption. 

James is also the author of two novels, The Fake Empire and The Last Record Album.

James Porteous / September 2021
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