Silver Desire: Erotic Stories of Older Women

by Sexy Little Pages

You're never too old to rock and roll - or to do the horizontal bop, for that matter...

This anthology focuses on that often-neglected sexual being, the older woman. Ten writers offer up a variety of takes on lust and love in later years; wistful, joyful, affirmative, filthy or raging against society's expectations.

There are holiday flings, blind dates, settling long-unfinished business, a bawdy barbecue and a horny handyman. Slip between the covers and see what the Silver Age has to offer.

Silver Desire features stories from Elizabeth Coldwell, Jillian Boyd, Spencer Dryden, Pepper Valentine, Charlie Powell, Madeline Moore, F. Leonora Solomon, Jordan Monroe, Hannah Lockhardt and Zak Jane Keir.

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£ 2.99

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