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Convincing Thrilling Sex Stories

Erotic Story
Page count: 10
Word Count: 3682
Fiction Ebook

Do you like your sex stories interesting and convincing that make you feel like you are actually apart of it? Then you need to read this story. When sex becomes horror and when sex becomes sweet the end result is more pleasure. The teaser reflects the urge and soon that urge will be convincing.
Story Excerpt
Mira was young and beautiful and she loved herself. Mira was a regular customer at the Memee grocery store. She entered the grocery store and bought a bottle of water. She wanted to make an impression to her fans. Mira was an amateur porn model. Life was rough and her boyfriend left her to marry a mature woman that was taking care of him. She and her boyfriend have been together for six years. She was hurt so she started doing X-videos so that she could get some money. Mira called him multiple times to talk to him but he wouldn't answer. He was crying. He knew what he was going to do was wrong.
Miguel, Mira’s boyfriend asked his mother for advice and his mother told him it was better if he marries to someone that could take care of him because Mira didn't have anything to give him. She described her as a homeless girl in clean clothes. His mother didn't like Mira. Whenever Miguel brought Mira to her house, she would disrespect him and her. Miguel didn't bring Mira back to his mother's house after what she did. Despite the way, Miguel's mother treated Mira she still loved him. His mother was the one that arranged for Miguel to marry her friend Stephan. She was trying to do everything that she could to separate her son and his girlfriend. She knew that Miguel loved Mira and was going to marry her. She didn't want that. She hated Mira. If she could kill her she would. Mira's mother didn't even like her. She threw her out of her house when she was sixteen. She had to live with her grandmother who recently passed away. Mira never talks about how she felt but she was emotionally hurt.
She walked to the back of the grocery store with her bottle of water. She took her mini shorts and top off. She wasn't weary any panty and bra. She threw the water on herself and started rubbing her salvation to an orgasm. All she could think about was Miguel. She was going to explode soon and a worker saw her. It was San, Miguel's friend. He told Mira to put her clothes on and go home before he calls the cops. She put her clothes on and hurried out of the grocery store in tears. San's eyes were watery. He decided to call Miguel.

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