A Sundered World: Player Fragments

by Awful Good Games

This is a supplement for A Sundered World: you will need to own it, or at least A Sundered Fragments: Races & Classes in order to get the most out of this (though the races, equipment, and companion rules can be used with basically anything, and you could always use the class moves for something else).

Inside its 124 pages you'll get:

  • New race, class, and compendium class moves for everything in A Sundered World.
  • Four additional races, including the thulid.
  • A new compendium class, the divine harvester: kill invokers, take their shit, and gain access to their powers.
  • New weapons, spirits, and materials.
  • New gear, including t'pual hardsuits, mindtraps, alternative kytheran materials, and kytheran warframes.
  • New ship materials and features.
  • Actual stats for enthollows and jotuncases.
  • Six new magic items, each themed for one of the classes in A Sundered World.
  • Rules for companion characters (for when you want or even need something more robust than a hireling).

NOTE: Color and print options will follow once Melissa finishes coloring everything. If you buy it now, you will receive the color PDF when it is available at no additional cost (we'll just update the product files), and when the print options are available you will get a discount link to pick up both the B&W and color books "at cost" (you can use one or both, we don't care).

You will get a PDF (14MB) file.

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$ 9.99

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