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Personal Fortune

To achieve extraordinary success in the 21st century, you have to break away from societal "play it safe game plan" and create a unique path to success without limitations. 

Personal Fortune is a top-notch global book on success in this digital age that has been sold to 4,000+ people in over 12 countries in the last week. Widely dubbed as "The Best and Up to date Personal Finance book for the modern age".  Personal Fortune is the fastest-selling book in Nigeria, UK and Southern African countries.

Napoleon Okugbe is an internationally sought-after business growth consultant and a leading trainer in the Personal development and high-income skills arena. 

Napoleon Okugbe first made his first million at age 23 and by age 24 he is already a multimillionaire. 
In this book, Napoleon Okugbe not only breaks down how you can overcome the obstacles of pursuing Financial Independence in this digital age but also illustrates how you can use Personal Fortune Attributes to achieve financial independence, extraordinary success and massively grow your significance irrespective of your age, profession or experience. 

Whether you want to unlock your high-income potential, quit your job, forge your own path to success, become a successful entrepreneur, or move from a low significant to high-status significant individual, Personal Fortune will show you exactly what to do. 

  • Breakaway from freaking excuses holding you back from your success
  • Improve your mental capacity and unlock your abundance mindset
  • Completely take charge over your life and your financial destiny
  • Uncover your high-income skill and unlock your financial power
  • Unlock and increase your financial confidence  
  • Uncover scalable businesses and high yield investment strategies 
  • Achieve high-status significance
 For a limited time, when you get the eBook version of Personal Fortune, You will also get "The Millionaire Freelancer Digital Marketing LaunchPad (N95,000 Value)" 

What will you learn from Millionaire Freelancer Digital Marketing LaunchPad? 

  • Discover how to start a 20+ Million Naira a year Digital marketing freelance work from home business with no experience, skill and team.
  • Learn the exact way I make 2 to 3 million Naira monthly in my early 20s from Digital marketing freelancing, quit my struggling local business and traveled around the world.
  • Learn How I consistently get clients who are ready to pay up to 300k to 500k+ per month for remote digital marketing services. 
  • Learn how you can easily outsource client works (my exact strategy) and lots more. 
I know what it takes to be dictated by money. For many years, money dictated many things for me like...
  • What I can get for my self
  • Where I can afford to live
  • Whether I help my parent, brothers, sisters, and friends
  • Whether I can help the people around me
  • Whether I can afford the best life can offer by going above the masses
  • Whether I can travel to Western countries for vacation
  • Whether I can live in the most expensive places of my choice anywhere anytime
  • And lots more
What would making your first million naira month and becoming a millionaire help you achieve in 2020? 
  • Travel around the world?
  • Quit your job?
  • Come out from debt?
  • Buy your dream car? 
  • Take your family to a cool exotic vacation?
  • Never worry about problems money can solve?
Take charge of where you should belong in 2020! Hit the "Buy Now" button and get the key resources to achieve your dream life.

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