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The Devonshire Mysteries Books I-III

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The first three novels in the popular British murder mystery series, The Devonshire Mysteries.

Join amateur sleuths Dan and Alan as they investigate mysterious murders against the idyllic rural backdrop of Dartmoor and Cornwall. Best described as cosy crime, these contemporary British mysteries will keep you turning the pages but they won't give you nightmares.

Enjoy all three mystery novels in one handy collection, and remember, there's more to Dartmoor than meets the eye.

Here's a little more info about each book you'll be getting:

Book I - Valley of Lies

A Village, A Murder, A Keen-eyed Sleuth.

In a quiet Dartmoor village, Dan Corrigan is a fish out of water. He's also a damned good sleuth.

When a murder is committed, Dan won’t stand idly by.

He's determined to solve the mystery, whatever the risks. The murderer must not go unpunished. Justice must be done. But first, Dan must untangle a web of deceit, because in this rural valley, the river runs deep, but the lies run deeper still.

Join Dan in this modern British mystery today.

Book II - Murder Between the Tides

No one expected a murder.

A hotel in Cornwall. A few days of peace and quiet by the sea. Dan Corrigan was looking forward to the change of scene.

But he can’t help burrowing beneath the surface of every situation, and among his fellow guests there’s a rich seam of secrecy and deceit. Then the cryptic typewritten notes start to appear. And when the fabric of truth begins to unravel, it’s up to Dan to piece together the facts, one thread at a time.

Some secrets should never be kept.

But when they’re too terrible to tell, all that’s left is revenge. And it seems that, after all, the scene is set for a mystery.

Book III - Mystery in May

There are strangers in Embervale, and not everyone is pleased to see them.

A conflict is brewing, and Dan Corrigan senses that there’s more to this animosity than meets the eye.

Before long, there’ll be a victim.

Dan digs deeper and finds himself drawn into a web of deceit.

It’s a tangled case for Dan and Alan, but they won’t give up until they’ve uncovered the truth.

Join Dan and Alan today and discover a world of mystery.

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Murder Between the Tides: A British Murder Mystery


Mystery in May: A British Murder Mystery


Accomplice to Murder: A British Murder Mystery


A Study in Stone


Valley of Lies: A British Murder Mystery