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Uyenzeni uZuma - by Lukas Fula

Dead punk rocker and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain declared ‘it’s better to burn out than fade away’. That’s when you have lived your whole adult life in the limelight and have grown scared of the dark. But those who have lived in the dark pray to God they never get dragged to light because it will blind them. Then why would former head of ANC Intelligence Jacob Zuma be sitting infront of television cameras twenty five years since he downed his binoculars outing people he accuses of having been spies when he was supposed to have been one himself? Is it a case of the kettle calling the pot black? Pik Botha, who was a deep cover spy for 47 years with 23 of those as a handler was allowed to waltz to his grave like a concerto. The ANC eulogised Botha as ‘one of the few from the erstwhile Nationalist Party who recognised at an early stage that apartheid was a wrong and crime against humanity’. That’s for a man who was apartheid’s international salesman for 19 years. In the face of mounting evidence of social, political, financial, moral and governance impropriety Zuma’s acolytes ask an apt question, ‘Uyenzeni uZuma?’ (What did Zuma do?). Maybe we need to start by looking at whether the old man is half-witted or as intelligent as they claim he is. This book gives evidence to debunk the myth of Zuma’s intelligence.

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