Write from the Start

by Melanie Tito

Like many of us, Melanie Tan (now Tito) wanted to write a book - one day.

This is the first product of that dream.

In Write from the Start, you will find one writer's budding thoughts on writing, a few practical tips she's gleaned along the way, and, perhaps, a dose of inspiration.



This is the book you want to read if you know you want to write, but find yourself laking the inspiration or the motivation to get started. - Mark V.

It was rad. It's been awhile since I found a book that uses such economy of word and has such a nice clean layout. It really begs to be read. I specifically liked this quote "It doesn’t have to be perfect at first go. There will be time to edit it later". - Josh L. 

This book seems to end too fast and it leaves me wanting more pages to turn. - Paul W.

I have been blogging, writing and procrastinating for the past 18 months and was a little skeptical before reading this book, but now I feel refreshed and motivated to write again. - Tracey A.

Mel provides very practical advice to aspiring writers and also encourages others to take up the challenge of writing about whatever they dream, think, feel, see, eat, experience. A must read!!! - Jacqui W.

Even if I didn't know you, it would make me feel like writing, but for someone that does know you a little bit more than just a name on a book cover ;) I have to say that it most definitely inspires me to want to do more writing with some helpful tips ... - Ariel C. 

Awesome! Awesome! - Justin S.

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NZD 1.99

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