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Moving from Minnesota to escape the Iksha, who hunts her family and others like them, Carly is not expecting to discover her soul mate in the small town of Piure, California. Instantly drawn to Adam, they share an irresistible pull to be near each other. As they fall in love, Adam discovers his past, his fantastic abilities, and the truth behind the genetically advanced families being hunted to extinction. When the time comes, will he choose the brilliant light Carly’s love offers? Or will he continue to accept the darkness engulfing his soul?

Opaque: Scion Saga Book One by Calix Leigh-Reign is a fast-paced, character-driven fantasy novel. Reign has written a wonderful angst-filled bittersweet novel for young adult readers containing multiple complex and well-developed characters.

My favorite characters in this novel are Dauma and Adam. While both Dauma and Carly are written as strong female characters, Dauma shines as the protective mother and tremendously powerful descendant. For example, while battling the Iksha, she releases powerful energy that liquefies trees and metal and electrocutes the militants melting the flesh from their bones. Furthermore, when first meeting Adam, she does not coddle or accept his disrespectful behavior. Teaching him to control his power and emotions, she helps him develop into a better person.

Similarly, I enjoyed Adam's character. His growth through the novel is organic and exciting to read. While initially very flawed and angry, Adam changes and learns to control his anger and alter his blatant contempt for society in order to become compassionate and deserving of Carly’s love. The forgiveness and understanding he shows JoAnne in later chapters is completely opposite to his original character. For instance, when he first returned from Afrax, when he sees JoAnne, ” …Her massive sorrow breaks his heart and the guilt of knowing he’d broken it weighs heavily upon him.”

Conversely, my least favorite character is Mark. Initially, I felt bad for him but later found his character manipulative after his double life is revealed. In addition, the reason for his indiscretions is self-serving and vain. I do not feel he has any redeeming qualities.

I would have enjoyed this novel more if there was more closure for Terry and her family. Leaving her disappearance unresolved for her family seems wrong, as we see they are searching for her with missing person flyers in several chapters.

I happily give Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign 4 out of 4 stars. Although I found multiple instances of unnecessary hyphens and missing or extra spaces in words and sentences, they are small and do not interfere with reading. Sensitive readers should be aware of mentions of sexual assault, death, and kidnapping. I would recommend Opaque to friends that enjoy young adult fantasy series, as this saga continues with Split Adam and Specular.

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