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Merry Little Things — Good Things Come Book5

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A parallel book to This Good Thing, (Good Things Come Book 4)! A wintry holiday story with snow hacks, Christmas baking, a quick trip to Florida for a wedding, and… puppies!

Of all the holidays, Emilie loves Christmas best— but this year will be different. Her parents have moved back to Montreal after reconciling with a grandparent she's never had a relationship with, and her sister plans to spend the holiday with her fiancé's family out west — which means Emilie might very well be alone on her favourite day of the year.

When a quick trip to Florida for her sister's wedding fails to have the desired side-effect — a prospective match of her own with the groom's younger brother — she returns to Ontario ready to make the most of the festive season. She takes a chance on a date with a guy she's been avoiding but, let's just say, she should have listened to her gut on that one.

If she keeps herself busy enough, she'll never have to admit she's afraid of her own company. She has the family farm to oversee, hours to fulfil for an internship, horses to school and a friend with a busy café to help. But when she takes on one too many things she's totally overwhelmed — until friends come to the rescue, and she learns she's not as alone as she thinks she is.

Bonus: includes a recipe for Nanaimo bars, a favourite Canadian treat.
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