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Forgotten Lands (Signed Paperback Collection w/ swag)

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Swag includes: series scented tea light, character cards from each story, and a Forgotten Lands world map.

Three women.
Three epic love stories.
Three soul-stirring adventures.

Prepare to feel the sand against your skin and the wind in your hair in this historically rich, absorbing series about three women, fighting to survive a weather-ravaged, post-apocalyptic America after the Shift.

Centuries after the boom of the Industrial Revolution, violent storms plague the land and the frills and frivolities of the Romantic Era are a distant memory.

These are the stories of the civilizations lost and forgotten. Of the heartache, strength, and courage of those who remain, fighting for their lives and those they love.

Novels Includes:
Dust and Shadow
Earth and Ember
Tide and Tempest

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