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Episode 1 of the African elephant wildlife film series, In the CROSSROADS OF GIANTS - DANCING WITH ELEPHANTS - tracks some challenges faced by a documentary filmmaker trying to save his action cameras from being stolen by thirsty African elephant bulls.

The cameras are discarded by the elephants, then retrieved... repeatedly. Cameras get repositioned by the elephants numerous times - and even thrown around.

Interaction with these wild giants leads to some delightful - and some downright dodgy elephant encounters.

This action-packed first episode offers overview and insight into the entire series. Elements of other episodes are woven in to explain elephant and human behaviour. With exclusive, unparalleled access, the viewer gets an eye-opening perspective into what takes place and why - at Elephant Sands Lodge in Botswana’s north east.

With some precarious, and some quite humorous activity throughout the episode, it serves as a proper introduction to both Elephant Sands Lodge, the elephant herds, and the wildlife film series.

In the CROSSROADS OF GIANTS is an African elephant wildlife documentary series like no other. Elephant life is filmed up close with a fresh, immersive approach. It’s like being there. It is possible, that after watching In the CROSSROADS OF GIANTS, you may never look at an African elephant in the same way again. Enjoy the film. Love from Africa.
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