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My selfcare workbook journal

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My selfcare workbook journal

Loving yourself and taking time for yourself, reflecting on how to improve yourself every day is not a vanity but a way to practice self-care.

Maybe you are having a hard time with your self-esteem and you want to prioritize the well-being of your emotions, that's why I want to share this self-care journal workbook with you.

It contains a section to put your best photos,  write down the most important things for the day, stream of consciousness, 50 pages with meaningful exercises for self-care activities.There are no dates and no deadlines. Don't rush, go at your own pace.

Use this 60 page of My Selfcare Workbook Journal to reflect on yourself and start your journey for the betterment of well being.

Notice: There will be no delivery. This is a non-refundable PDF document.
You will get a ZIP (966KB) file
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