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30 DAY INSTAGRAM MARKETING CONTENT PLAN - Completely revised 2020 Version

As the old saying goes: "Content is King". We all know this by this point, and no doubt we all try and create as much content as possible.

But have you ever just had a complete 'content block'? Just staring at your phone wondering what you could possibly post that isn't dry, boring or exactly what you posted yesterday?

It's a tall order keeping your content fresh, which is why I compiled this list of 30 days of content!

What you'll find in this professionally formatted eBook is THIRTY individual content types and categories that you can put to work for you right now on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages. 

All of the content ideas that I've put in have all been used on my own account or my client accounts, and have created real, tangible results. These content ideas will engage with your audience, and make your audience actively reach out and engage with you! 

STOP POSTING MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES! Your audience is bored with it, and you can do so much better! This eBook will make you wonder why you ever posted motivational quotes as often as you did!

This content is suited to any industry or business social account. In particular, we have tailored this to:
  • E-Commerce store and online brand owners
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Music Producers and DJ's
  • Network Marketers
  • Fitness Professionals & PT's
  • Bar & Restaurant Owners

And the best bit about all of this? This content plan is 100% outsourceable! 
Let's say you're getting bored of what your social media management company is doing for you, and aren't terribly impressed with the content they're coming out with. You can pass on this ebook and get them to start putting out content that has already been proven to work!

And the best bit? Your competitors won't have this information. This is a brand new ebook, which details some very new content styles, as well as heavily employing the 'I Am You' theory to further drive your engagement rates up further than ever before.

I'll be honest, right now I'm just testing this eBook, which is why I've priced it so low to start with. Typically a 30-day content plan like this would be charged out to my clients as a £210 one-time fee. You are getting this exact same value and information (albeit not personalised or analysed) at a discount of £205 off! Nuts.

ONE FINAL THING - I've got a free gift for you too.

As well as this 30-day content plan, I am also giving you lifetime access to my Instagram Bootcamp Secret Mastermind Facebook Group. 

In this group, we come together and support each other and help each other with our social media questions.
It's a fantastic community, and I personally give out free advice to many account owners on there, which is invaluable!

I am so grateful that you took the time to read to the bottom of this, it really means a lot. Hopefully you can see that this is an incredible offer, and I can't wait to see you on the other side!

Until then, speak soon!

Jack Purdie.
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