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Dead Cat Bounce: A C.T. Ferguson Crime Novel (#11)

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C.T. Ferguson goes many extra miles for his latest client.

But it’s a threat closer to home which might kill him.

When a widow hires C.T. to investigate her husband’s suspicious death, he never thought he’d end up taking the man’s old database job. A corporate executive wants to get to the bottom of things, so C.T. joins the company undercover.

Not everyone is thrilled by his presence, however.

Two ambushes can’t deter him. Both the widow and the executive still want answers. Despite concerns about his cover being blown, C.T. stays on the case and learns some shocking details about the company.

When he’s abducted from the streets of Baltimore, he thinks he knows who’s behind it. He’s wrong, and he quickly learns a shady corporation in Frederick isn’t the only threat to his life. Can C.T. free himself and get justice for his client?

Dead Cat Bounce is the compulsively readable eleventh mystery novel in the C.T. Ferguson crime fiction series. 
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