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Sunzi's art of war(HD BOOK)

The art of war of Sun Tzu, also known as the art of war of Sun Wu, the art of war of Wu Tzu, the book of war of Sun Tzu, the book of war of Sun Wu, etc., is the earliest existing book of war in China and the earliest military work in the world. It is about 2300 years earlier than the on war of Clausewitz and is known as the "holy book of military science". There are about six thousand words in total, thirteen in total. The author is Sun Wu, a general of the state of Wu whose ancestral home is Le'an of the state of Qi in the spring and Autumn period.
The art of war is a shining treasure in China's ancient military cultural heritage. An important part of the fine traditional culture, its broad and profound content, profound thinking and rich logic and rigorous logic are the concentrated embodiment of the essence of ancient military thought.
The art of war of Sun Tzu is regarded as a classic of the strategists. It has a history of 2500 years and has been studied in successive dynasties. Li Shimin said, "No Sun Wu comes out of all the military books.". The art of war is strategy. Strategy is not a trick, but a great strategy and wisdom. Today, the art of war of Sun Tzu has gone to the world. It is also translated into many languages and plays an important role in the world military history. The bamboo slips of the art of war of Sun Tzu in the Han Dynasty were unearthed in the Han Tomb of Yinque mountain in Linyi in 1972

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