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Sons of Vendoria

By Andy Schweigert
Following the destruction of Earth, at the hands of a ruthless alien race, a number of surviving humans manage to start over on the planet Vendoria, located in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. Fear now governed the last survivors of the human race. Living in isolation and hidden from prying eyes, humanity hoped to avoid the same fate as their ancestors on Earth. For two hundred years everything continued as planned, the human race lived on and maintained their routine lives in the safety of their precious domes. The only predictable exposure to the world around them was the security teams short excursions to gather food and supplies as needed, and even they were rare and designed by the head council. But the one true distinction was the opportunity each child was given on the day of their sixteenth birthday. Although fading, it was a customary practise, a rite of passage to manhood some called it, and a law decreed by the founding Elders in the first years of their arrival. It was a human’s one chance to see the true wonders of the outside world, and for one boy it was all he could think about.
Luc awakens on the day of his sixteenth birthday to begin a journey preordained by the Elders; a journey that has overshadowed his every thought since his father began preparing him as a young child. With a mere backpack of provisions, he enters into Vendoria's world of beauty and fascinating creatures, his goal to reach the Crystal Cave and bring home his prize...proof of a journey complete. However, Luc s journey is not his alone, and his intended prize soon abandoned, dwarfed by the duty fate has handed him - a fight not only for his survival...but the survival of all Vendoria.

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