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Our Blueprint to Adulthood


A daughter and father strengthen their relationship by discussing her future engagements in social engagements and in adulthood in general. What to look for and what to engage in, how to handle love and heartache and where to find happiness. Especially real love which have been so evasive over the years.

                                                                Relationship Builder.

To understand love one has understand that sleeping together is not love, if it was, the ladies of the night would have a hard task to do what they do.

>      If happiness was as easy to resolve by just giving a gift, believe me that would be the discovery of the  


>      Different gifts have different lifespans some a week and others maybe a month or two, no I guess it

        takes much longer to develop real happiness.

     In fact real happiness is a way of life!

Life has a way of being good one day and another not so good which lead me to a true story some years ago in Beaufort West in South Africa. A farmer of the district had to cross a railway line to get to his farm, forever more he said that one day the train will kill him, it did as he misjudged the trains speed and distance. So we need to be extremely careful of what we say.

Laughing is not happiness but only an result of certain joy or even type of heartache and can certainly appear from nowhere or something simple as was the case i personally experienced.

I was traveling in the heat of the season in South Africa in the Eastern Cape when i became aware of a real bad thirst and the very first pub i stopped and went into the bar. The temperature outside was touching 40 C degrees centigrade.

Inside the pub i was alone and i ordered a beer, sat down and really enjoying it while looking at the people entering. Not long the horse shoe shape bar counter was full of regulars. Me not knowing anybody greeted in general and sucked my cold beer.

Out of nowhere a stranger appear next to me speaking to the barman. Sir, he said, I am hot and dry and i need a beer...but i have no money. The barman said I am sorry but then I cannot help you, then he said and I quote:" Mister Barman, if i can make this pub laugh from their bellies without saying a word, would you give me a beer?" Before the barman could reply i said i would so now i am waiting.

From nowhere this guy starts to laugh from the pit of his stomach, he is roaring and slowly the occupants of the pub started smiling and soon laughing and very soon the whole pub was laughing.

So laughter can start with nothing and so can negativeness destroy that same laughter to a glum bunch of people!

Our Blueprint to Adulthood is written as a one on one where the father talks to his daughter and she responds.

As a relationship builder you could not do any better anywhere, maybe its time to admid that there is no more excuses for sending your daughter into adulthood uninformed!

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