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Pastoral Piano

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In a small shack deep in the Boreal forest, a strange electronic instrument was found. Made of wood, its inside is pure analog circuitry even though the sound that comes out of it is acoustic. If the Mellotron had a yet-to-be-discovered piano sound, it would have the tone of this instrument. Think the sound of a 1950s acoustic piano played on a vintage tape reel and you've got Pastoral Piano. Perfect for lo-fi hip-hop, vaporwave, and Boards of Canada-influenced music compositions.


Acoustic piano recorded on tape
Analog Saw and Sine tones
Deep space reverb
Lowpass Filter


Windows 8.1/10 or macOS El Capitan to Mojave
184 MB of HD space
2GHz Quad-core CPU or better with 4 GB of RAM or more
64-bit VSTi or AUi Host
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (97MB)
  • ZIP (99MB)
  • ZIP (99MB)

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