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Enjoy Your Ride

Enjoy Your Ride, An Erotic Romance Quickie


Jayla Easton was wearing a low cut, form fitting, without underwear, when she pressed the doorbell of millionaire Bob Hanson’s penthouse suite. She met him on a shady website were people agreed to do something strange in exchange for some extra pocket change.

No, she wasn’t a hooker, but life had been rough for the former Homecoming Queen. Perhaps, she shouldn’t have dropped out of college to chase dreams, drugs and dick. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Inexperienced in the ways of life, Jayla had no clue this was a fast ride down a dead-end street.

The dick didn’t belong to her. She couldn’t afford drugs after King Dingaling left. And Jayla’s dreams of living happily ever after with this pot smoking, cheating prick turned out to be a complete nightmare.

Well, that was then. Now, Jayla was on the road to turning her life around. She was back in college and she was a year away from getting her nursing degree. All Jayla needed was a dependable car to make life easier. So, if spending the night with a rich creep would get her a vehicle, she was willing to do it.

It all was cut and dry. It was a done deal. Bob Hanson wanted sex and Jayla wanted a car. And she could live with that. Then, a harmless conversation with a handsome limo driver put a wrench in everything. Suddenly, there was a change of plans.

Will Jayla take a ride down another dead end street, or will she finally be on track to have it all? Download Enjoy Your Ride, An Erotic Romance Quickie and see.


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