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Conspiracy 101: Over the Edge

I suppose if a number of conspirators can get away for decades with assassinating a President, why not murder a single standing man calling out FREEDOM (like out of the movie, Braveheart, but labeled as a member of the Militia), or 3000 workers in 3 NYC buildings, or send U.S. troops into Nations which do not comply with the IMF bankers in conjunction with the ESF, and killing 1000s of 1000s more and destroying (carpet bombing and bulldozing) occupied Nations, and then going after “terrorist” who are upset over destruction and death.
Just who are the “terrorists” in this picture?
Find out: What is behind a conspiracy? Why are conspiracies debated? Is there a separation process going on? How does The Opium Wars of the 17th-19th Centuries compare to now? Who controls mainline news and why? Thoughts on the Big One: JFK. What JFK's assassination has to do with today? Relativity of Burns, Oregon Patriotic stand. How does our DNA play into what our society is all about? Geno-engineering anyone? A little about 'Agenda 21.' What is the Bigger Picture? Think "out of the box." How a conspiracy alters history's Time-line?
Some conspiracies theories are too much of a reach... but that doesn't mean they all are.
All this from the point of view and frank words of a motorcycle mechanic.

Let your imagination carry you up a pathway for at least a few minutes.
What would happen if we had positive leaders that took the dualistic Matrix direction of truth seeking, rather than the present "leaders" who keep to the negative path of maintaining a charade of lies? These corrupt "leaders" are pathological liars and psychopaths. "A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to do."
What if someone led while having a vivid dream contained within their imagination? "I have a dream." It is said that the same groups assassinated both John F. Kennedy as did they Martin Luther King. It is said it was for the same reason. They both were not at all perfect, but they had a dream. These dreams were not at all like the goals of The-Powers-That-Be.
What if there was a way to solve many of the problems within this world? Sounds dreamy? I trust you will learned something by reading this book and my others. Lead away. Go forth.
Conspiracy? What are two of the greatest conspiracies that most often come up when this subject is broached? Answer: JFK and UFOs. Well, when those two are looked into and researched they bring in other matters and then these have to be additionally considered and one soon realizes they too are immersed in "conspiracy." Often I hear this, "It is like a huge onion, the more you get into it, the more layers" complicate what continues to appear. These additions as they are exposed must be pursued. You could say this regarding many subjects other than conspiracies, but that doesn't make these appear any less a "conspiracy theory."
Ah, but there is that negative idea that ThePowersThatBe (TPTB) through their owned and controlled mainline media has drummed into the heads of the Citizens coming into play here... that this is the realm of "nut theories."
So, in this book, I mainly circle around and go off tangent from JFK and UFOs (which I have often touched upon in all my books) because these are the outer layers of The World onion. These expose the second layer of our onion: politics, the economy, and truth as opposed to the preferred lie. And what do we have here? ..Right in step with, "You can't handle the Truth!" The reason TPTB don't want to The Masses talking about truth within the JFK and UFO conspiracy ideas.
The 3rd layer of the Onion is: coup d’état, terrorism, 9-11, false flags, [authentic] patriotic movements (not FBI set-you-up sting operations), and the Bundy Family/ranching/land-grab realizations. Why ranch land? Because ranches and farms are the back-bone & foundation of America.

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