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Astral Projection Mastery (Plus Free Bonuses)

Everything you need to completely MASTER astral projection.

This covers advanced astral techniques, methods, tips and tricks. This takes you from beginner, all the way to advanced traveler in a matter of weeks.

This Ebook also comes with over $60 worth of free binaural beats audio tracks, designed specifically to help you astral project. This is the best value Ebook we offer, and there's something for EVERYONE to learn here. 

Here's some of what you'll learn inside: 

  • What to say when asked ‘is it real?’ Lots of people get shy or embarrassed when asked if astral projection is real.. Here’s what you say to them! (Hint: It’s real!)
  • Learn why EVERYONE can astral project if they practice the right things. No matter your age, gender, or history, you can learn to astral project and raise your vibrations
  • Unlock your PINEAL GLAND: Your third eye can easily be opened, if you follow these strange methods and instructions.
  • How to decalcify your pineal gland so you can reach higher levels of consciousness (and the one thing you probably do that RUINS your pineal gland!)
  • The sleep paralysis connection: Learn why you should NEVER be scared of sleep paralysis, how to avoid it if you don’t like it, how to escape it if you already experience it, AND how to transform it into a lucid dream or OBE
  • Let us show you the exciting 5 types, models and methods of astral projection, they’re not all the same and there are various types you can learn!
  • Learn remote viewing so you can spy on your enemies, learn secrets and hidden information, and gain access to any information in the world (with practice)
  • What the weird astral ‘noises’ mean and how to avoid them
  • Learn the 10 reasons you’re NOT astral projecting already, and what you can do about them, right now! These common beginner mistakes are CRIPPLING and will hold yo back for years if you don’t know them
  • Learn the side effects of astral projection (I show you how to AVOID them as well)
  • Learn the most effective technique EVER for astral projection and we’ll go through it step by step in INSANE detail, showing you exactly how to do it (Anyone could learn it this way)
  • Learn over 18 OTHER astral projection techniques as well so you can always find a technique that works well for you that you LIKE using!
  • Discover the best time of day to astral project, and WHY it’s the best time; you’ll give yourself the best chance by doing this
  • Learn how to use 13 of the most powerful astral projection crystals to catapult you into an OBE with no effort
  • How to use essential oils to relax deeper, meditate, and ultimately, have more OBEs every night with almost no effort
  • The power of supplements: How to use pills, herbs and supplements to astral project better, the safe way
  • How strange sounds (binaural beats) can help you almost INSTANTLY astral project even if you’ve never done it before, and where to get them! (Hint, it’s not YouTube, at least not if you want them to work)
  • Exactly how to use the free audio tracks included with this course, AND how to use any binaural beats you might buy or find
  • $71.97 of FREE BONUSES: As and you’ll see below, you also get free bonuses, including audio tracks and Ebooks
  • Lifetime email support from the AstralHQ team, so you’ll never be confused or stuck, you’ll ALWAYS know what you should be practicing and trying
  • How to cleanse and unblock your chakras so you can experience higher level thought and feelings during your day and night!
  • What to do if you can’t seem to exit your body (Powerful ‘rut busting’ tricks)
Take the leap today and start MASTERING astral projection! 

You will get the following files:

  • WAV (606MB)
  • WAV (606MB)
  • WAV (606MB)
  • PDF (19MB)
  • PDF (3MB)

$ 47.00

$ 47.00

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