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the complete archive of Ling Anderson's banned youtube videos vol. 2

Even though Ling Anderson's youtube channel had been banned, everything that had been said has been written down in more detail and permanently record in print in the following books:

My Miserable Life, an Asian boy Growing up in America
(also available as pdf)

Journey through a Tortured Mind, a Philosophical Novel on Love
(also available as pdf

List of videos included in this archive

racemixer.mp4 (77.2 mb)

south korea will not support US invasion of north korea.webm (71 mb)

never trust women.mp4 (69.5 mb)

plato's perfect republic.webm (69 mb)

mixed races are always inferior.webm (68 mb)

Asian worships white men like gods.webm (64.1 mb)

disdvantages of high intelligence.webm (61.5 mb)

survival of the fittest never meant the surval of the best.webm (53.5 mb)

You can fuck asian women, just dont marry them.webm (53.1 mb)

nterracial marriage at all time high.webm (46.4 mb)

far left actually hate racemixing just as much.webm (45.9 mb)

ling and confederate flag.mp4 (40.8 mb)

white is beautiful.mp4 (40.8 mb)

paris agreement.webm (40.2 mb)

anyone who doesn't hate women is a faggot.webm (36.7 mb)

funny names in mathematics.webm (35.1 mb)

racism is natural and should be encouraged.webm (33.3 mb)

not a cuck.webm (24.5 mb)

white men need to fight back!.webm (20.7 mb)

im a white woman.mp4 (18.5 mb)

i think so little on certain things that I do not think of them.webm (12.7 mb)

why dont i wear pants.webm (10.1 mb)


130 pics of Ling Anderson Naked 4 years (14.6 mb)

naked with dick.webm (15.5 mb)

You will get the following files:

  • MP4 (77MB)
  • WEBM (71MB)
  • MP4 (69MB)
  • WEBM (69MB)
  • WEBM (68MB)
  • WEBM (64MB)
  • WEBM (62MB)
  • WEBM (54MB)
  • WEBM (53MB)
  • WEBM (46MB)
  • WEBM (46MB)
  • MP4 (41MB)
  • MP4 (41MB)
  • WEBM (40MB)
  • WEBM (35MB)
  • WEBM (37MB)
  • WEBM (33MB)
  • WEBM (24MB)
  • WEBM (21MB)
  • MP4 (19MB)
  • WEBM (13MB)
  • WEBM (10MB)
  • ZIP (15MB)
  • WEBM (15MB)

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