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The Law of Attraction In Action Video Course

The Law of Attraction In Action Video Course contains the key for your personal transformation and development.

It's a 5 Episodes Video Course, with Bonus Audio Tracks and Flipbook.

7 Things About The Law Of Attraction You Need To Know
Made famous by the book “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction is a physical law which put simply, is attracting into our lives whatever we put attention, energy, and focus on, for good and for bad. In this infographic we will list 7 things you need to know about put the law of attraction into action for your life

Focus On What You Want: Focusing on what you want is the contrary of focusing on what is. Put your emphasis and energy on the things you want to manifest in your life

Visualization Improves Physical Performance: As many champion athletes will attest, spending time on creative visualization directly influences your physical abilities

It Will Transform Your Beliefs About Success: Once you adopt a core belief in the law of attraction, you can see that success is a commodity that is available to everyone

Good Vibrations: What you give is what you get– there are only two kinds of vibes: positive and negative…make sure you give out good vibrations to get good vibrations back

Allowance: Allowance is the absence of a negative vibration and is a state where resistance doesn’t exist.  You fully allow yourself to reach a goal only when you remove the doubts you have

Trust Your Instincts: Proponents of the law of attraction argue that you should believe in the accuracy of your own intuitions, letting your emotions naturally draw you towards the right path.

Gratitude Is A Magnet For Good: Gratitude is to feel thankful for the things you already have. When you do that, you will attract more and more of the things you are thankful for.

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