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I'm the Thinker of My Thoughts eBook

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Want to help children build self-control, confidence, and more positive mindsets?

Help kids discover the process for building mental and emotional strength to help them through the hard times of growing up!

This book empowers children by showing them they can be more in control of their thoughts and the feelings and reactions they cause.

This helps them:





Using vivid and memorable illustrations and rhyme, these life-changing ideas are shown in a simple way a child can easily understand.

This is a valuable tool for starting important conversations about thoughts and feelings.

It’s a fun picture book to read aloud to children of any age, but mainly for ages 3 to 8.


What parents, teachers and social workers are saying about this book:

CS - Teacher

“Great book to help kids understand difficult feelings and how to deal with those feelings. Well written with great drawings. Super for the classroom!

Lauren S - Mom

“A book that should be in every home, school, library and children’s resource space! With a theme which includes positive thinking & growth mindset - that even adults could use a refresher on - this book holds a beautiful opportunity to open such an important conversation with kids in a fun, non-threatening way. Beautifully illustrated!! Mental health is a topic front and center in our world these days and kids are not shielded from that. I am proud to recommend this book to any families or organizations who have, or interact with, young children!

Joel L - Dad

“I have 4 kids ages 2-10 and they all love this book! The illustrations are so fun and colourful and the message that I can change my own thoughts has helped my kids so much. It’s easy enough for my little ones to understand and it’s a great way to begin conversations with my older kids too.”

Shelley G – Grandma and daughter – Daycare Worker

“I bought this as a gift for my grandson. The book is very well written with a fantastic subject!!! Great pictures. My daughter took it to the daycare she works at to read to the kids. She said they loved it, that it was easy for them to understand and learn about feelings…”

Jaehyuk J - Father and Entrepreneur:

“As an Entrepreneur and a father of 2 kids, this is exactly the type of book I've been waiting for! I've spent way too much time thinking about things that take up my bandwidth and do not produce any meaningful results. Sometimes, my thoughts were harmful to my growth and a big waste of time and energy. I want to equip my kids with the ability to focus on meaningful and fruitful thoughts. Noella’s book transfers this complicated knowledge in a digestible, poetic way that I think might work!!

What a valuable lesson that we can choose our thoughts and that our thoughts are there to serve us, not the other way around. It all starts with the thought in our head. Some adults still haven't grasped this concept. I would love to pass this wisdom on to my kids and I really appreciate this book’s audacious attempt.”

Renee B - Grandma and Child and Youth Practitioner

"Hello, I’m a mother of four, a grandmother and when my studies are completed, a Child and Youth Practitioner. This book is so wonderful to help open up a platform for communication with a child who may be unsure about how to talk about their feelings. Such a wonderful book that gives a perfect foundation to talk to children about their thoughts and help them understand them. Very well written!!!! I love this book, and will be reading it to my grandson and adding it to my toolbox I will use when out in the field helping children and youth. Thank you for this book."

Debora J - Grandma and Outreach and Tenant Relations Worker

"As I listened to you read this book my mind was thinking of so many children that this book will empower and actually set free from low self esteem! I can't wait to set up a story reading time to introduce this book and even to buy a number of them to give to the moms so they can benefit by reading it to their children! I know a wonderful, brilliant little autistic boy who will memorize every word! I'm so excited to hear him quote it word for word

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