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Wolves and females

By George r. Chan

This is a two-story book, short one which you may find plain without many events and actions. Anyway, I strongly believe it will make you feel better (at least I hope so, otherwise it will make me a poor and barren author) and I recommend that you should read it twice as it is short and no-waste-of-time. These two stories complement each other, they give certain approaches of man’s and women mental structure (the conclusion will be left to readers) and together they make functional and sensible whole. Some women may take this book as inconvenient or maybe offensive, but I assure you that this is the way I look upon the world as an author and there is no deliberate prejudice.

The first story talks about a small young pup of a wolf to whom destiny had no mercy. His parents died when it was just a baby and no member of the pack took it under protection. At the beginning only pure luck saved it and after that only bitter experience of brutal existence pushed it is a story of a lonely fighter whose only goal is to survive......

The second story elaborates  one aspect of men's and women's psyche  and their point of contact. There is common gender's need and pleasure embedded into this story and for a discerning reader it would be a favourite delicacy.A young man from a wealthy family falls in love with a young, pretty, intelligent woman. It is a turning point of his life which changes a lot of his spoiled habits he used to have. His life gains meaning, a new driving force is born in his empty life......

connection: there is a connection of these two stories which i leave to readers to puzzle out. If you want to grow spiritually, if you want to learn something which can help you to overcome hurdles that life can bring, if you want to feel better after reading this book and last, if you want to pick instructions which result from someone else's bitter experience then I strongly recommend this short book.  

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