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Overview of Communication

Why do sparks fly so quickly?

The culprit is the incredible power of your brain.

Instead of listening, 95% of people are waiting for their turn to talk.

When you complete and apply the lessons in the course you will join the top 5%.

Managing Change

Are you the same today as you were as a teen?

Are you the same today as you were as a teen?

As we grow we change and this is a process that lasts a lifetime. When you understand what is happening the changes are less scary.

The problem is not the change - it is the transition!

The Departure Lounge

Prevention is better than the cure!

When a person is becoming unhappy in a relationship, they give 7 predictable clues that something is wrong.

They will avoid, become distant and withdrawn and Communication breaks down resulting in resentment for both parties.

Learn the 7 clues that clearly indicate something is wrong in the relationship..

Mindful Communication

Build trust in your relationships

Deep listening skills are essential for long-term relationships because they allow individuals to engage fully with their partners on a deeper level. 

When couples engage in deep Listening, they do more than hear the words spoken. They notice the speaker's tone and body language. They also listen 'between the lines. The Deep Listener works to understand the underlying emotions and motivations, creating a space where their partner feels heard, understood and valued. 

Learn how to listen deeply and build trust in your relationships.

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