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Improvised Dramaturgy

· Feña Ortalli ·


In this video course you will learn fundamental notions of improvised dramaturgy to be able to:


  • Recognize and use classic narrative structures.
  • Find the dramaturgy of the instant.
  • Discover how to move a story forward simply by expanding every detail of the platform.
  • Consciously delay the resolution through the use of helps and obstacles.
  • Deepen the outer and inner conflicts of the characters.
  • Tie loose ends and find the logic resolution.
  • Identify the reason why you're telling the story.

How does it work?

 Once you sign up for the course, you will have access to the different modules that form the pedagogical proposal. In each module, you will find videos, texts, and exercises connected to each objective.


The most important part is that you will have unlimited access to these resources so you can come back to them whenever you want in your personal area.


The main advantage of our video course is that you can take it at your own pace and on your own time.


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Audio: English / Subtitles: English and Spanish