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HVAC Key Points

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I have done HVAC projects for 30 years and know what are the Key points to cover.

In today’s fast-paced lives, time is a precious entity. Therefore reading long lines of text in a book  or article can become a lethargic task. But Reading a short book with helpful context delivering the same meaning helps save a lot of time. 

Nowadays, people do not have much time for long books or long videos. That is why we are seeing the popularity of sites like Blinkist who made a resume of 4000 famous books into 15 minute reads with concise key points that the reader should know. Also if you check the popularity of short videos on tikTok and now followed by you tube shorts. 

With my 30 years of HVAC experience I have decided to compile the knowledge into a very concise book. Hope you enjoy reading and you gain much experience of this book.

You will get the following files:
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HVAC Operation and Maintenance


Renewable Energies & Cogeneration Ideas


AHU (air Handling Unit) Sections


Refrigeration Fundamentals and Applications


Chilling Solutions: An Essential Guide to Process Cooling


HVAC design for Cleanrooms


Pharmaceutical HVAC Design guidelines


Electronics Unveiled: Exploring the World of Components and Circuits


100 Ways to Maintain Your Home


Ventilation Solutions: Improving Indoor Air Quality