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Darkness Rising Ebook - Book 1 of The Soul Force Saga

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Damien St. Cloud is a failure.

Born into a family of warlords and with the most powerful soul force in history, he's unable to make it work.

A disappointment to his legendary father and a weakling compared to his sister, Damien's life is miserable.

His life changes forever when a visiting sorcerer proclaims Damien isn't a warlord at all but a sorcerer. Thrust into a world of magic and danger, can Damien master his power in time to save his family and the kingdom from long forgotten evil?

Darkness Rising is the first in a thrilling fantasy series.

Dive into the adventure now.
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Customer Reviews

John D.

10 months ago

Fast and fun

What a great start to an incredible series. Damien St. Cloud is a likable, relatable character. The story moves at a great pace and there is a ton of action. Everything comes together nicely and is a great introduction to the series. Be warned if you read Darkness Rising you will be hooked and will have to get the entire Soul Force Saga.

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