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Ways To Face Your Daily Problems For A Happier Life

A short and simple 7 pages PDF book.





Facing too much daily problems in life and you feel that it is very hard to cope?

Problems like...

- Disliking your jobs.

- Disliking your family, friends or marriage life. 

- Disliking your appearances.

- Stress over finance.

- Stress over studies.

- Failing Exam.



This book will (in sha Allah) teach you how to depend on Allah by changing your mindset and face your daily problems that affects you, so that (in sha Allah) you can live a more happier life (in sha Allah) everyday, and become even more motivated and productive in everything that you do.

Before you purchase this book, you can ask me on my Facebook page or email ( what are the problems that you are facing. I will (in sha Allah) tell you if this book is suitable for you.


In sha Allah, you can benefit from this book. But first you have to want and start working to make a change for the sake of Allah. If you do not take actions, you will never be able to change anything or see any result. Allah ordered Mariam when she was pregnant and weak to shake the palm trees even though Allah could have given the fruits to her without her doing anything. Mariam still have to simply shake the palm trees to get the fruits. So we need to understand that we still have to do what we should do as a Muslim and trust fully on Allah. 


Allah will make everything easy for us just like how He made the palm trees easy for Mariam to shake and pick the fruits. Normally a palm tree takes at least a few strong men to shake in order for the fruits to fall. We still have to do our part as a Muslim just like Mariam still have to do her part as a Muslim by following the guidance of Allah (In that case of Mariam, she have to follow the order of Allah by shaking the palm tree.)


... Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves... 

- Quran 13:11


In Quran 13:11. Allah did not only says 'until the people WANT to change' but instead Allah says 'until they change what is in themselves'. This means we still need to take actions for the sake of Allah. At the same time, we trust fully in our Lord to help us.


May Allah grant us success and a happier life.


There is no god (none worthy to be worshipped) but only Allah alone. 

Muhammad is the final messenger and a servant of Allah.

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