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Teach Yourself The Secret To Your Contentment In 1 Hour

Teach Yourself The Secret To Your Contentment In 1 Hour - a guide to becoming happy with life and who you are, while getting things done. The purpose of this book is to help people understand the essence of being content. Almost every kind of problem we have has discontent with ourselves (and our lives) as its root. The more you understand it, the better you will be in your personal growth and paving your way to success.

=> Four key problems associated with discontent:
1) An ideal/fantasy we are holding onto.
2) Unhappiness with who we are.
3) Lack of trust/confidence in ourselves.
4) Seeking happiness externally.

(Are You Facing These) Real Life Example of scenarios of frustration in your life and where your mental becomes weak:

1) I’m surrounded by the same people, by the same situation, the same environment, the same problem and the same X, Y, Z powerless situation. So how can I change my mindset in front of all those “Big-Rocks”?

2) At work, I am surrounded with stubborn people. I get into frequent conflicts with my colleague. So how can I overcome these negativity. How can I motivate the people around me?

3) I have a local business, my drivers are dishonest. I face so many challenges which are preventing me from having a happy and flourishing business. So what should I do?

Question: Do you know what is the difference between "being happy" and "being content" ? This book address that as well.

=> Two strategies outlined:
1) Learn to trust yourself.
2) Stop comparing yourself to ideals.

Each section of the book has strategies (including action steps) to help you move away from discontent and closer to contentment. The more your mind is in good vibration, the merrier you get in getting thigns done.

This book have a small amount of words per page, it is a quick read, and specially suitable even if you do not have a lot of time - meant to be read in 1 hour.

The chapters themselves are designed to be extremely short, and can be read separately. More like blog posts, easy to digest and easy to implement. To make it even easier, short exercises (action steps) have been added at the end of each chapter. But as the book continues through to the end, you will find there are more and more practical advice inside each of the chapters.





"This is a lovely little e-book from Wakish Visions and one of my favourite simplicity/mindfulness bloggers.


I struggle with contentment in various areas of my life, particularly FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and Wakish's book has given me some great insights into how to deal with various levels of discontent, including many mini mindfulness exercises. I really enjoyed the re-cap of certain sections at the end, and the inclusion of blog readers' questions in a Q&A section towards the end of the book. It's nice to see real-life examples with advice tailored to them.

- James


If you are looking for getting your life clear of doubts and a deserved piece of mind, I'd highly recommend Wakish's work. I'll come back to this and read it again but properly in one sitting no doubt. "

- Vanessa


"Wakish has a great way of simplifying lifestyle decisions that seem complex. He offers practical advice, and empowers the reader to find contentment. Wakish's work isn't fluffy or "new agey". It's down to earth, and works for anyone."

- Spencer


"Wakish is able to share his advice as learned through real life experiences in this book. This is a great book if you have recently gone through a rough patch (or are currently going through one) and need reminding that YOU and only YOU are in control of your happiness. It is a book worth reading several times a month and each time you do, you will learn something new. Practice the techniques and you will become a more fulfilled, happier person without anything but some simple reflection and increased mindfulness. As Wakish points out, it is within you to be content and happy every day. This book helps you see how to make happiness a day to day reality. "

- Stephanie


"If you have had your hands on a book centered around the subject of happiness or contentment before, you will definitely find this book from Wakish Visions full of wisdom. The text repeats itself quite a bit, and most of the action steps boil down to 'noticing how you feel'. This little entire book could be summed up in 5 words: Stop making yourself feel bad. Well, that's easier said than done, which is why there are so many books available on the topic. Still, there are a few nuggets of gold here, and anyone with a normal reading speed should be able to get through it in an hour, so you may well find it a good investment."

- Neens Beatrice


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