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101 Tips and Techniques for Cooking like a Chef ebook pdf

Поштовани,  ускоро ћемо бити бољи кувар ,

Без обзира да ли сте нови кувар или сезонски ветеран из кухиње, постоје неки једноставни трикови које можете користити да побољшате квалитет својих оброка. Професионални кувари свугдје користе ове технике да би задивили своје купце и стално им се враћали. Испробајте неке од ових идеја и погледајте како ваша породица и гости реагују на ваша невероватна кулинарска посластица.

Представљамо ....


 "Постоје једноставне ствари које можете одмах да побољшате у кувању. Не морате бити професионалац да бисте увели ове фантастичне технике у сопствено кување данас. Уз мало праксе, добићете невероватне критике ни у којем тренутку. "

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you make a meal, following the recipe exactly, you still can’t make it look like the accompanying photograph? The answer is pretty simple. Professional chefs use little tricks to make food more appealing. Luckily anyone can master the tricks of the trade with a little practice. Here are some that you might want to try tonight.

Do you sometimes feel that your guests compliment your cooking just to be nice? Everyone who has ever set foot in a kitchen knows that there is always room for improvement in the culinary arts. Here are some of the tips that we have gathered from the experts that might help you to get your guests to say "wow", and mean it!

Expert chefs have had many years of training and experience to get their food looking and tasting great. But it doesn’t take years to perfect the small details that will get you excited about cooking. Try these tricks, and your meals can go from bland to fabulous starting today!

If you enjoy watching cooking shows on television, the first thing that you probably notice is how easy the pros make everything look. There are many ways that you can improve your cooking technique to make meal preparation faster, and to improve the quality of your food. We’ve gathered these tips to help you get started...

Does your spice cabinet leave you feeling confused? Do you worry that your food will not have enough flavor, or that it just won’t look the way you expect? Well, the answer to your worries might be in these tips that have been gathered from professional chefs, who have plenty of experience making food that is both beautiful and delicious.

Although it’s tempting to just toss something in the oven for dinner, you probably get tired of the same old things. Here are some ideas that can get you cooking like a chef in no time at all.

A recipe does not need to be complicated to produce a delicious result. Even the simplest meals can be made better when you know the tricks of the trade. Cooking is an art, and like any art, cooking will improve with practice and experimentation. Here are some quick techniques designed to get you cooking like a professional in no time at all.

When you want to cook like a chef, you need to understand how your recipe works. Experts read more in their recipes than just measurements, and to cook like a chef you need to do the same thing. Here are some ways that you too can learn to “read” your recipes and to prepare amazing meals for your family and friends.

Да ли бисте желели да закуцате кување? Да ли са изненађењем гледате кухарске емисије, питајући се како то да свако може тако брзо насјецкати лук? Стручни кувар куха по цео дан, а са вежбањем долази до савршенства. Ево неколико савета које смо сакупили од кувара који ће вам помоћи да развијете вештине потребне да будете кувар светске класе ...


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