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The Glute Guide

This plan consists of 3 main sections: - Glute Activation
- Glute Burnouts
- Home Glute Workouts

I understand why you might be skeptical of the benefits of using resistance bands.

However, I'm here to tell you Opium resistance bands have several benefits (backed by scientific information), which can be included in any training programme or exercise routine, either at home or in the gym.
Opium resistance bands are a small investment (aka cheap) and give you the ability to complete a range of exercises outside of the gym, as well as adding a new element to your training inside the gym. Another benefit is they can change the resistance curve of some exercises. Weights weigh the same no matter how high you lift them but in different movements certain points will be easier or harder due to what’s called the strength curve; there are three types of strength curve – ascending, descending and bell-shaped. An ascending strength curve is where a movement gets easier towards the end of the range of motion. Examples of this would be pressing movements (such as a shoulder press or bench press) or squatting movements. A descending strength curve is when an exercise feels heavier towards the end of the movement. Examples of this would be pulling movements such as a bent over row or a pull up. Bell-shaped strength curves are when the movement is hardest in the middle of the range of motion but easier at both the beginning and end. An example of this would be a bicep curl.


Body Weight Training

Weight Training
Training with Resistance Bands
Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway Gym-base Glute Exercises


Glute Activation - Resistance Band Circuits
Glute Activation - No Resistance Band Circuits
Glute Burnout - Resistance Band Circuits
Glute Burnout - No Resistance Band Circuits
Glute HomeWorkouts

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