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Souls Lost

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Would you risk your soul to save your town?

Murder stalks the quiet, sleepy town of Corbin Meadow.

Two years ago, three women were murdered, the only clue a garden trowel. Now, Zoe, the daughter of one of the murdered women, returns to town and the murders begin again.

Chief of Police, Taran Rees, realizes that Zoe may be the next victim. In order to protect her, he'll have reconsider everything he believes, including the existence of the supernatural. If that's not bad enough, he needs to beg the ex-wife who dumped him to save Zoe, and possibly even the town.

If the three of them can find a way to work together, they'll have to make decisions that could try their souls.

Don't miss the first book of the Appalachian Souls series.

Souls Broken

Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth writes brilliantly evocative paranormal fiction stories, mostly about people making connections through some sort of magical process. Just when you think you can pin her down, she writes a deeply moving contemporary drama story. Nearly all her stories are uplifting and hopeful. We give her a pass on that one horror novel, which is selling to great reviews.