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Lamsdorf In Their Own Words

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Book 1 in the Lamsdorf Series

Experiences related by Prisoners of War at Stalag VIII/344 Lamsdorf, one of the largest German Prisoner-of-War camps, during the Second World War.

This book is composed of accounts of life as a prisoner of war at Lamsdorf, most of which had never been published before. They provide a detailed and fascinating insight to the many aspects of POW life at Lamsdorf and the Working Parties, with the authenticity of being the words of the POWs themselves. Some of these are in the form of diaries kept at the time, and others are accounts written afterwards.

There is no one answer to the question "What was life like as a prisoner of war?", but this book will certainly answer many questions about what actually went on in the Camp and the Working Parties at the time, and how it affected the inmates.

Compiled by Philip Baker
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