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Wolf Queen (Audio)

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Narrated by Jason Clarke and Lili Valente

The shifter world is running out of time…and so am I.

Maxim Thorn is a dangerous—even deadly—man who betrayed my trust and the love growing between us. But compared to his brother, Bane, my alpha kingpin is a freaking teddy bear.

Bane is pure evil and out of what’s left of his mind. And now, I’m his captive.

It’s looking like there’s no way out when an unlikely ally emerges, promising to help me subvert the dark prophecy that has me in its crosshairs.

All I’ll have to sacrifice is a piece of my soul and the man who would have been my fated mate…

But can I doom the person I still love to an eternity of suffering, even to rise as queen? Or can I find another way to stop his brother before it’s too late?

*This is book three in a quartet. It ends in a cliffhanger.*

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