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Periodic Table and Atom Structure

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This download is packed with activities to do that I don't even know where to start!

Oh yeah, let's start from the beginning:

Page 1: One page poster showing what neutron, proton, electron and nucleus is in an atom.
Page 2: Handout of the poster which you cut down the middle for 2 posters in one page so the students can refer to it.
Page 3-4: All about the periodic table. Explains periods and groups and the types of metals the groups contain.
Page 5: Periodic table with coloring instructions at the bottom of page 5.
Page 6: Reading the periodic table. This page is designed to be used in order to prepare the student on how to read the symbols, number and letters located in each element from the periodic table.
Page 7: Questionnaire regarding the reading done about the periodic table from page 3 and 4.
Page 8: Say What? Someone made sentences using the periodic table and it is up to the student to find out what elements were used.
Page 9-10: Which element? Look at the information provided and decide what element from the periodic table it is.
Page 11-12: Find the elements. A clue will be given about an element and the student will find the element that is being referred to by seeking for it in the periodic table.
Page 13: Find the missing elements. This table will need to be filled out by the student by looking at the periodic table and seeking the element based on period and group number.
Page 14: Periodic checking. In this page the student will be given various elements and determine depending on the question their name, element symbol, number of electron, number of protons, atomic mass, element name.
Page 15: Atom structure. This short read explains what the atom structure is composed of along with a drawing and 5 questions.
Page 16-19: Electron shells. Students will draw how many electrons in each shell given the element name and using the shells given.
Page 21-24: The students will match each element with its uses.

In summary, not only will students remember what an atom structure contains but they will also know what and how we use some of the elements of the periodic table. Because students will look at the periodic table frequently they will remember some of the elements by heart. Students will color the periodic table given the instructions, learn about atoms and learn how we use some of the elements, learn about the electron shells and much more.

Some of the activities here will need coloring pencils, scissors and glue. Answer key is included.

Hope you have tons of fun!

Total 39 pages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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