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Slavemarked, Braenduir Chronicles #2 SAMPLE

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This is a SAMPLE of the upcoming book!

The chaos knows no master.

Summer has crash-landed upon the Torn Continent, bringing with her the sweltering days and new ordeals for our tormented heroes. At Conqueror's Cape, Toren Eddesen sweats in the training yard after having been extorted to sell his sword to the service of the Rofinnar King. In Erephonia, Lady Irana Stemraon and her three shields flee from the king's men, emblazoning their path with blood. Beyond the Gorge, Arron Grethsen wakes up in the dungeon with no inkling of why he has been captured.

Will Toren find his lost brother? Where will Lady Irana's road of an escapee lead? Will Arron ever breathe free air again? Find out when Slavemarked, the second book of Braenduir Chronicles, is released on the 1st of March 2023!

If you haven't yet read the first book, Runecursed, visit for a free sample and direct buy links!
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