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2023-09-15 Emily - Strange Toe Injury - Part 3 B (04-2014)

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Emily hops out of her house and crutches along the street, she also tries to limp on her left foot with the help of the crutches and she hops on one leg without using the crutches. Whatever she does her foot hurts like hell. In the middle of the clip she sits down on a wall and removes her left sock and shows her bare crooked foot. As she thinks a little bit cold fresh air could help to minimize the pain she crutches now with her bare crooked foot in the air for the rest of the clip. This is the last clip in the sequel.


Keywords: sprain, one shoe, sock, crutches, limping, hopping, barefoot

Format: MP4

Length: 8 minutes

Resolution: 1920x1080

You will get a MP4 (563MB) file

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