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MASTERING BLENDER for Daz Studio Users

Introduction to Blender Modeling for DAZ Studio Users

Have you always wanted to create 3D models for DAZ Studio but didn't have the time or money to get started? Your wait is over! With this tutorial and the awesome yet freely available Blender modeler, you can get started in no time at all. Don't spend big dollars just to discover that 3D modeling isn't for you. Start with this beginner's guide and see if you really like modeling. If you do, then continue your journey with other modeling tutorials or venture into other areas like posing or animations.

This inroductory guide to Blender is a general tutorial on how to install, customize and use Blender to begin creating your own 3D models. It covers the basic techniques to get you started and ease the learning curve for 3D modeling.

This 144-page fully illustrated beginner's guide is provided in PDF format.

* Downloading and Installing Blender
- User Preferences Custom Hotkeys
- Basic Layout Overview & 3D View
- Setting Up Custom Workspaces
- Joining & Splitting Workspace windows
- Perspective and Orthogonal Views
- Front, Top, & Right Object Views
* Changing Model with Manipulator Widget
- Translate, Rotate and Scale
* Edit Mode Modeling
- Vertex, Edge and Face Selections
- Border Select and Limit Visible Selection
- Hiding and Unhiding Components
* Merging Points On Your Model
- Zeroing Vertices
- Remove Doubles
- Merging Vertices
* Spinning New Objects from Basic Shapes
- Loop Cutting
* Quads versus Triangles
- Subdividing Faces
- Connecting Points
* Mesh Tools
- Sliding Vertices
- Duplicating Objects
* Intro to Using the Camera
- Camera View
- Manipulating the Camera
- Changing View
* Intro to Using Lamps
* Rendering Your Scene
* Transferring Objects
- X, Y and Z Axis Conversions
- Send from DAZ Studio to Blender
- Send from Blender to DAZ Studio


BLENDER 2.68a or higher along with PDF Reader

You will get a ZIP (27MB) file

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