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An Introduction to Holistic Healing for Dogs

Are you tired of conventional veterinary care that doesn't consider your dog's holistic well-being?

Despite the growing interest in natural health for humans our dogs' holistic health has been lagging behind - until now. Our course takes a holistic approach to your dog's wellness, considering their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in any treatment plan or daily routine.

With our expert guidance you'll discover a range of natural approaches and therapies that work alongside conventional veterinary treatment to keep your dog healthy and happy well into old age.

You will create a personalized approach to your dog's healthcare ensuring they receive the best possible care. 

 Join our community of dog lovers who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their dogs.


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Course Content

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    An Introduction to Holistic Healing for Dogs
    • Course Overview Free Preview
    • Introduction
    • The Healthy Dog
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Emotional Health
    • Complementary Holistic Remedies and Treatments
    • Intention
    • Congratulations