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Carrie Hatchett's Christmas Collection

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If you like Doctor Who, you'll love Carrie Hatchett's Christmas adventures

Carrie Hatchett’s Christmas

It’s Christmas! The alien invasion has begun.

Aliens have been spotted at Santa’s Grotto and in a pantomime. Will Carrie find them in time and send them packing before they ruin everyone’s Christmas?

A Very Carrie Christmas

Something strange is happening in Lapland.

The Northern Lights haven’t shown up for months, which means tourist numbers are down and the livelihoods of the local Sami people are under threat.

Only aliens can be responsible, and as a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, it’s up to Carrie Hatchett to find out who they are.

Carrie’s Christmas Adventures in Oz

Something’s wrong down under.

An illegal operation of a transgalactic gateway threatens to spoil Carrie’s Christmas—until she discovers she’ll be spending the holiday in sunny Australia.

But can she spot the unauthorized visitor from outer space among all the weird and wonderful Aussie wildlife?

Carrie's Quiet Christmas

The Christmas spirit takes on a special meaning in Carrie's Canadian Christmas adventure.
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