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An Accidental Christmas

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“You can't always get what you want… you get what you need…”*

Ursula has given up on Christmas and is doing her level best to avoid it—family, presents, traditions—the whole package. Trouble is, when she becomes lost in the snowy mountains of Italy, with a car that won’t start, and nowhere to stay, she finds she’s landed in the midst of a traditional Christmas with no place to hide.

Widower Demetrio is devoted to his family, his land and tradition. And then he falls for Ursula—a beautiful woman from a very different world to his—and knows he has to get her to fall in love, not just with him, but his life. So he tempts her… one tradition in return for one more day together.

But can Demetrio’s traditions and love do the impossible? Can they make Ursula stop running from her emotions, and instead, embrace them?

Enjoy a heart-warming escape to Italy and An Accidental Christmas!

—Italian Romance—
  • Perfect (Book 1)
  • Her Retreat (Book 2)
  • Trusting Him (Book 3)
  • An Accidental Christmas (Book 4)

*Thank you, Rolling Stones!
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