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Master the Mirror of Your Relationship(s) + Transform the Behavior Patterns

I have taken (2) of the most powerful documents from inside my Inner Genius Membership and bundled them up for those of you struggling with relationships in your life.

Whether platonic, romantic or business-related, your relationships are all reflecting back to you what is going on within you. Meaning: They are showing you what you are doing to you.

Inside this bundle are two PDF (downloadable) documents that are going to walk you through breaking down and understanding (other) human beings and the relationships you have, behavior patterns and the energy and laws of the universe.

PDF #1 is called "[HOW TO] UNDERSTAND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" and it walks you through how the Law of Attraction works in a very basic and simple format for you to grasp even if you're brand new or have mastered this spiritual stuff.This is the spiritual foundation you need to help you master the reflection + pinpoint the behavior patterns in PDF #2.

PDF #2 is called "MAKING SENSE OF THE REFLECTION" and it is a transformational journaling exercise that will guide you through understanding what any reflection outside of you in life is telling you about you.

Both documents work hand in hand in helping you:

  • Understand the reflection
  • Understand the energy you're outputting
  • Understand the behavior pattern
  • Take your power back in any situation
  • Break the pattern by seeing it clearly

If you would like to learn how to pinpoint and recognize your own behavior patterns in relationships as well as shift them for good, this is for you. If you have ever asked yourself, "Why are they treating me this way," "What is this showing me," "Why is this happening," "How can I shift this experience I'm having?" This is the bundle for you!

I am excited for the clarity these documents are going to provide you. Now it's time to see your relationships clearer than ever before!




"Thank you so much for helping me learn this. I deeply appreciate it and the guidance you have shown me.
I like that now I have awareness that I can choose happiness no matter what is going on. I love your work!" - Eliza V. 

"Umm...this 'Making Sense of the Reflection' journaling exercise right here is worth the $47 I paid for this entire membership!!!" - Anne L. (Inner Genius Member)

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (869KB)
  • PDF (279KB)

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$ 12.00

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