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Narrated by J.J. Green

Humanity is at war with invading aliens, and the battle’s about to go galactic.

Security chief Jas Harrington has exposed the secret invasion of Earth by hostile aliens called Shadows. She hopes the Transgalactic Council can come to Earth’s aid, and she and her companions await the Council’s arrival at Ganymede Outpost.

The galactic adventurers have with them the enigmatic organisms they rescued from a military weapons research station on Mars. When the Council members hear Jas’ story, they realize that the stolen organisms may hold the secret to defeating the Shadows.

Meanwhile, in the deepest regions of the galaxy, the Shadow battle has begun. Jas and her friends want to fight alongside their galactic allies, even if it means parting company.

Jas enlists with the galactic fleet and is sent to serve aboard the space battleship Infineon. As the battle rages, it becomes clear that the allies face more threats than just the enemy’s ships.
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