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1. Without doubt, the greatest problem confronting the human race is that of food. In order to exist,
every person must eat; but eating simply to keep life in the body is not enough. Aside from this, the
body must be supplied with an ample amount of energy to carry on each day's work, as well as with the
material needed for its growth, repair, and working power. To meet these requirements of the human
body, there is nothing to take the place of food, not merely any kind, however, but the right kind.
Indeed, so important is the right kind of food in the scheme of life that the child deprived of it neither
grows nor increases in weight, and the adult who is unable to secure enough of it for adequate
nourishment is deficient in nerve force and working power. If a person is to get the best out of life, the
food taken into the body must possess real sustaining power and supply the tissues with the necessary
building material; and this truth points out that there are facts and principles that must be known in order
that the proper selection of food may be made, that it may be so prepared as to increase its value, and
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