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BIO 335 Week 5 Team – Household Pest WS

BIO 335 Week 5 Team – Household Pest WS

The purpose of the Household Pest Worksheet is to evaluate various methods to control household pests including the common chemicals we use in our homes as well as chemical free methods. In addition, it will reveal the risk and benefits of the methods we use in our homes.


Choose a common household pest.


Answer the following questions (with lots of elaboration and details, when possible!) via a Microsoft Word document. You may copy/paste the questions into your document and write your answers onto the worksheet in a different font color to easily distinguish them.


Household Pest Worksheet

Choose ONE common household insect pest and answer the following prompts. Please be detailed when necessary!




What is the common name of your pest?


What is the scientific name of your pest?


In what geographic location is your pest most commonly found?


What food resources does your pest use/eat?


In what part of the household is this pest usually found?


What chemical methods can be used to control the pest?


Which of these methods (from #6) is safest to use around people, kids, pets, etc.?


What chemical-free methods can be used to control the pest?


Which of these chemical-free methods (from #8) seems to be the most effective?


If you had this pest in your own home, how would you control it and why?


Once eradicating the pest, how can people prevent future infestations?


Please copy/paste an image of this pest here:


Please provide a list of at least 3 APA-formatted references that you used for your above answers. Since this is a worksheet and not a paper, there is no need to use in-text citations for this assignment.




Note: When approaching Learning Team assignments, equal group work is required. Reference your Learning Team Charter for the details and guidance.

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